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Bộ truyền số liệu mực nước tự động về Trung tâm
Bộ truyền số liệu mực nước tự động về Trung tâm

Model: 9500 LevelSender, Hãng sản xuất Solinst/Canada

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Already Own Leveloggers?
Add Low Cost Telemetry Today!

Eliminate going to the field to download your Levelogger data. Quickly and easily add cellular telemetry to your Levelogger monitoring wells. The NEW LevelSender is designed to connect to Direct Read Cables and Leveloggers, upgrading your current installation by adding cellular telemetry at an affordable price. The LevelSender is compact in design, and is simple to setup and maintain. Leverage your current  levelogger assets and increase your efficiency by adding a LevelSender.


- Receive email or SMS notifications

- Data sent to your smart device & PC

- Simple setup, operation & maintenance

- Low cost, compact design

- Compatible with Levelogger® hardware & Direct Read Cables